Cue the Confetti!

Let’s go behind the scenes of one of the most special and unique days in Silpada history as we celebrated the BIG announcement that the Co-Founders have reacquired the company! Our leading ladies Bonnie and Teresa have been designing stylish jewelry and defining “The Best Life” for women around the world for the past 16 years, and the future can only get more Sterling from here. It was a media frenzy at the Corporate Headquarters when the announcement was made live as the beaming-with-excitement founding families took the stage as the newly appointed board of Silpada. Cue the confetti!



Jerry Kelly (Co-Founder), Ryane Delka (Co-President), Bonnie Kelly (Co-Founder), Teresa Walsh (Co-Founder), Kelsey Perry (Co-President) and Tom Walsh (Co-Chairman)

All In The Family: Meet The (New) Board

Throughout the years, the Kelly and Walsh families have been instrumental in every aspect of the business, and have fully supported the entire Silpada Sisterhood—including YOU our loyal brand followers!

“We are excited and inspired to move Silpada forward. Silpada’s long-term interest is best served by being in the hands of people who founded it, grew it and continue to love it. This move will ensure Silpada will continue for decades and generations to come, and remain a family-owned business,” said Jerry.



Bonnie and Teresa have always shared their vision with their families and two of their daughters really seemed to take hold of the Silpada mission. As the newly named Co-Presidents Ryane Delka and Kelsey Perry will bring a youthful, experienced, and oh-so-Silpada-ish energy to the company. Not to mention their incredible style!

Kelsey and Ryane grew up with Silpada and have held numerous roles, touching many aspects of the business,” said Bonnie. “In their new roles, Kelsey and Ryane will apply their passion and knowledge to help Silpada grow well into the future,” said. “They are emotionally, professionally and financially invested in Silpada.”


Join the growing Silpada family and Wear It, Share It or Sell It!

For our Representatives, you are our heart and soul of this company! We hope to see each and everyone of you at National Conference 2013 to experience all of the excitement for yourself  with the founding families! And for all of our loyal lovers of all things Silpada, there’s never been a better time than now to join!

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