Styles Come to Life During Catalog Shoot

From the time Silpada jewelry is in product development, to when it appears in beautiful layouts in our catalogs, Silpada Stylist Jessica Gannon (who we lovingly call “JMae”) is involved every step of the way to make Silpada-ish styles come to life.

Silpada-ish look

Jessica perfects our model’s Silpada-ish look (minus the boots, they weren’t in the photo)!

Last week Jessica was in LA with the entire Silpada catalog crew. Why? To style and accessorize models for Silpada’s Spring/Summer 2014 catalog! This is the first photo shoot in Silpada history that was coordinated entirely outdoors… and outside of Kansas City, MO where Silpada is headquartered.

“When the sun casts across the models it really makes our jewelry pop,” Jessica said. “It’s really more emotional than indoor shots because natural elements add so much feeling to the photos.”

The team had a four-day excursion in LA that included four different set locations, corresponding with the different jewelry collections.

Day 1: House in Calabasas – Contemporary Collection

“This was perfect for our Contemporary Collection because of its modern sculptures, sleek lines and calm pool,” Jessica said.
Silpada photo shoot Contemporary Collection

Day 2: LA “farm” – Bohemian Collection

“I loved this environment because it was very natural with lots of dirt roads and interesting textures like cacti… and goats and chickens!” Jessica said.

Silpada Bohemian Collection

Day 3: Marina – Classic Collection

“Blues, whites, wood elements and rope textures created a nautical scene that really aligns with our classic jewelry,” Jessica said.

Silpada Classic Collection

Day 4: House in Malibu – Romance Collection

“A plethora of floral treatments and tall greenery, combined with a perfect view of the ocean, was absolutely romantic!” Jessica said.

Silpada Romance Collection

A lot more goes into creating the perfect, Silpada-ish look and feel of a catalog than one would imagine.

“First, we scout out locations for the shoot and visit those locations in person. We want to make sure the locations align with the Silpada brand,” Jessica said.

“Next, we strategically select the jewelry and where it will be placed on the pages of the catalog.”

“Then, I work on the wardrobe for models, keeping in mind the location, color of their hair, complexion, and what else is happening on every page. Each model’s jewelry and outfit pairings are organized accordingly so we can get straight to work.”

“Finally, we make the trip to the shoot and it’s non-stop fun!”

We all agree that our Spring/Summer 2014 catalog is going to be the best one yet! We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Silpada Photo Shoot Staff

It’s a wrap! Silpada’s catalog team, behind the scenes!

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