Beat Winter Blues: Party with Friends!

Did you know spending time with girlfriends is good for your health?

We know, we know. The holidays are over. You’re tired. You’ve spent months gift shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating and doing everything for everyone else. Well, now it’s time to do something for YOU!

Beat those winter blues and surround yourself with your girlfriends! And the best part is that time spent with friends is actually good for you!

In fact, a landmark UCLA study states that spending time with friends can have a calming effect on women when they are experiencing stress. The hormone oxytocin is released as part of stress responses in women.

“When she actually engages in this tending or befriending, more oxytocin is released, which further counters stress and produces a calming effect.” – UCLA Study on Friendship Among Women, 2014

“Every time we get overly busy with work and family, the first thing we do is let go of friendships with other women,” explains Ruthellen Josselson, Ph.D. “That’s really a mistake because women are such a source of strength to each other.”

Silpada Party with Friends

What’s even better than partying with your girlfriends? Catching up WHILE scoring some FREE jewels!

In January and February you can host a Silpada party to earn even MORE rewards! Here is what you can earn, in addition to receiving $300 in free jewelry* for throwing a Silpada party.

Jan. 1-15: $150 in extra free jewelry

Jan. 16-13: $100 in extra free jewelry

Feb. 1-14: $75 in extra free jewelry

Feb. 15-28: $50 in extra free jewelry

So what are you waiting for? Your girlfriends + Silpada jewelry + YOU as a hostess is a win, win, WIN!

Would you like to learn more? Check our video below. If you’d like to locate a Silpada representative about hosting a party, click here or call 1-888-SILPADA.

Here’s to a girlfriend-filled (and jewel-filled), healthy start to 2014! You deserve it!

*Based on an average $1,000 Silpada party.

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