From “Partying it Forward” to Girl Time

When Amanda Hand, Star Leader and wife of a Navy Chief, launched her Silpada business, she had no idea it would one day fund her dream of adopting three children. After her business helped grow her family of four to a family of seven, her Silpada “why” evolved into needing more “girl time” again. We’re excited to share the evolution of Amanda’s Silpada business and her advice for other busy but successful Silpada women!

Amanda with her husband, Chief Petty Officer Jason Hand

Amanda with her husband, Chief Petty Officer Jason Hand, at the 2011 Khaki Ball in Naples, Italy.

Amanda became a Silpada Representative just two months after she and her husband moved to a military base in Naples, Italy. “I used my business as a way to meet people,” Amanda said. “I turned making contacts into a habit, and wouldn’t go back home until I talked to five people every day.”

Once Amanda’s business started taking off, she realized that wives of military husbands were striving to make genuine friendships just like she was. Silpada parties provided her new friends with a way to bond while exploring new and fun jewelry.

“My Silpada parties were really becoming popular and I was generating extra income,” Amanda said. “We’ve always wanted to adopt children and I realized that my Silpada business would make it happen. I started a campaign called ‘Partying it Forward’ with the goal of adopting three children from Uganda.”

The “Partying it Forward” campaign was working and Amanda was experiencing immediate success! Friends, family and even loyal customers and hostesses began contributing monetary donations.

Between March 28 and May 30, between Silpada parties, fundraisers and donations, $13,000 was raised for the adoption! “It was simply amazing how customers, hostesses, friends and family pulled through for us with the rest of the unexpected fees,” Amanda said.

By June 2013 the Hand family was off to Uganda to fulfill their dream!

Adoption Day

Hand family Uganda

From 5:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. Amanda stays busy with morning workouts, cooking and home schooling her five children – while keeping her Silpada business going! “My Silpada ‘why’ has definitely evolved over the years,” Amanda said. “Now that we’ve fulfilled our adoption dream, my ‘why’ has turned to having something for myself – some grown-up time. I want ‘Partying it Forward’ to become bigger and help others reach their dreams.”

“Silpada wears many hats,” Amanda said. “A Silpada business can be whatever a woman needs it to be! And that’s what makes it so unique and special.”

“Silpada has taught me that I can achieve something outside of the family unit,” Amanda said. “I’ve always known that I’m a motivated person, but I haven’t felt this accomplished since college and I have Silpada to thank for that! My Silpada business definitely brings me a new mentality.”

“It all starts with believing in yourself! When I first started my business, I made it a goal to speak with five women daily and followed up with them and continued the relationship through Facebook. While out and about, I always had Lookbooks in-hand so women could actually see the jewelry and have something to take with them.”

Amanda and her family are transferring to another military base in Rota, Spain in less than a month! She is excited to take Silpada with her and introduce it to the new friends she will make there. To read more on Amanda’s adoption story, visit her blog,

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