Super Style for Your Bowl Party

For sports fans, this Sunday is the biggest day of the year, and we’re not just talking about the Puppy Bowl! So, no matter which team you’re rooting for, do it in style! From Seahawk green to Bronco blue, Silpada has the jewels for you.

Seahawks Party

This collection of gorgeous greens and stunning Sterling will put a Silpada-ish spin on your sporty ensemble. You can even color-coordinate from head to toe with a pair of killer pumps or chic sneakers. With a look this fabulous, you’ll be ready for kick-off!

Shop the look:

Elements Necklace (N2913) $149 | Vitality Ring (R2941) $109 | Half-Moon Bay Earrings (W1539) $79 Second Nature Bracelet (B2901) $89 | Rich Abundance Bracelet (B2899) $129

Broncos Party

If you’re a Broncos fan, then orange and blue are your go-to hues. The bold contrast of these playful jewels is a winning combination. Throw on your favorite pair of boots and score some serious style points this Sunday!

Shop the look:

Midnight Star Ring (R2866) $79 | Azure Allure Necklace (N2797) $44
Tiny Twinkle Earrings (W2769) $44 | Confection Stretch Bracelet (B2811, B2812) $46 (each)

Now that your game-day look is complete, get pumped for the party! The key players are there—your friends, favorite foods and the final football game of the season—so take advantage of the festivities by introducing them to Silpada style. Find out how you can throw a Silpada Party on Super Sunday, and earn free Silpada Jewelry!

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