A Day in the Life: Silpada Star Leader

On top of working as Vice President at WH Bagshaw Company, Adria Bagshaw is a high-performing representative with Silpada! As a Star Leader, she’s built a team of 30 women, while keeping things in line at work, and at home. Take a look at a typical day in Adria’s busy life and you’ll quickly realize no matter what your schedule, Silpada fits right in.

Adria Bagshaw4:30 a.m.

Adria starts her day early so she can get schedules for herself, husband and children in order. She showers, exercises, starts a load of laundry and packs lunches.

5:15 a.m.

With tea in hand, Adria checks her email for Silpada and her full-time job as vice president for her husband’s manufacturing company. Adria responds to inquiries about Silpada, then sends a motivating message to her Silpada team to start their days off right.

Achieving the Star Leader level requires that a representative sell a certain amount of product, as well as sponsor women into the Silpada business. Adria did just that. Now she has close to 30 women on her team that she empowers every day.

Adria & Maya

Adria and her daughter, Maya.

6:30 a.m.

Adria shares breakfast with her two children and husband before everyone parts ways for the day.

8 a.m.

By this time Adria’s children are on the bus to school. She heads to her day job as vice president of WH Bagshaw Company, which has been in the family for five generations. Her role at work includes managing the finances, human resources and anything else that needs her attention.

“That’s where Silpada comes in,” Adria said. “Some of that can be fairly draining! My job is stressful, so if I didn’t have Silpada, I’d be crazy! It has been an important outlet for me. I get to go party!”

12 p.m.

At noon she eats lunch at her desk so she can use this precious hour to focus on her Silpada business. She makes calls, mails thank you cards and invitations, and takes care of any other tasks she can squeeze in.

5 p.m.

WH Bagshaw Company

Adria at work with her husband, Aaron.

Adria steps into the shoes of a Silpada Girl as she heads to a Silpada party. In general, Adria has four to six parties per month, plus her team meetings and other events.

During a typical week, Adria spends about 15 hours on her business, but the lines between work and play sometimes blur when she’s with her team.

“The women on my team have become good friends and I socialize with them – can we really call that working?” she said.

6 p.m.

Adria makes sure that her jewelry display is set up and helps her Silpada hostess greet her guests.

8:30 p.m.

After having a great time at the party, Adria calls her husband to let him know she is on her way home. She smiles on her drive because although her day was super busy, she’s living a life that she loves.

Adria in Vegas

Looking oh-so-Silapda-ish in Vegas!

10 p.m.

As Adria gets ready for bed, she reflects on what it means to be Silpada-ish and how it has changed her life. To Adria, Silpada-ish means watching the women on her team stretch beyond their comfort zones and achieve things they didn’t think they could.

“You don’t know what you can accomplish until you try,” Adria said.“There is no set personality type that does well at Silpada.Focus on your strengths and work those. At the very least, you get some great jewelry. And who knows– it may change your life.”

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