Silpada’s Here by Design Philosophy

At Silpada, we believe the world needs more people who do what they love, more people embracing their individuality and living life on their terms. We understand that today’s modern woman has no boundaries, no specific age, and she comes in every shape and size. She inspires others, and they inspire her. And you know her. She is you. And you are Here by Design. 

Silpada Philosophy, Here by Design, Silpada Representatives

The Here by Design mindset allows us to showcase the emotion and spirit of this business while featuring the amazing women who make Silpada what it is today.

Each Silpada woman—whether she’s a representative, hostess or customer—has a unique story, and we want her to tell it through Here by Design. In fact, the first few pages of our just-released 2014 Spring/Summer Catalog feature a gorgeous group of representatives who symbolize the diverse and unique sisterhood that makes Silpada a destination for every woman.

Watch the Here by Design video now.

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  1. 1

    kim says

    I’m on a mission to find out about the boots on the Silpada Rep with the short cropped red hair. I GOTTA KNOW what those boots are!!! thanks!

    • 2

      Silpada Designs says

      Hi, Kim! We adore the style of all of our reps! Each woman in the video brought clothing from her own personal wardrobe.

    • 3

      Tracy Bowen says

      Hi Kim!
      I am the owner of those Rockin’Boots! Glad you love them too! contact me through and I will share the deets!