Paint the Town Fabulous: 16 Tips for Throwing a Unique Silpada Party

You can’t deny that something magical happens when you’re able to kick back and relax with a few of your girlfriends.

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And for many of us, getting together for a girls’ night out is much more fun than hanging at home! Fortunately, Silpada parties are super flexible. They can work with whatever (and wherever) is easiest for the hostess. Here are some of our favorite no-fuss alternative locations to host a Silpada party.

A Fun Restaurant

Your favorite restaurant is the perfect Silpada party location. You and your friends can enjoy some delicious food and drinks while letting someone else do the clean-up! If you’d like a little privacy, most restaurants allow you to reserve a private area for your group.

Party with your girlfriends

A Posh Wine Bar

Hosting a Silpada party over happy hour is a fun way to unwind after a long day, connect over beautiful jewelry and avoid the clean up. It doesn’t get much better than sipping on wine and providing a unique shopping experience for your friends. Choose a bar with an outside patio or open lounge where you can have more space to move around and enjoy the Silpada experience.

Coffee Shop

Sometimes, our busy schedules are completely booked by the time it gets to happy hour. If you’re more of a morning (or brunch) person, Silpada parties fit in perfectly at your local coffee shop. Invite your friends for some lattes and learning the buzz about Silpada!

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None of these ideas tickle your fancy? Here are a few more alternative party locations to try!

  • Apartment
  • Neighborhood club house
  • Park
  • Art Gallery
  • Salon and Spa
  • Country Club
  • Picnic
  • Winery or Brewery
  • Hotel Room
  • Museum
  • Pool house
  • Bowling Alley
  • Backyard patio party

Anywhere you want! The essence of Silpada is easy style that’s uniquely you, so your party should be too.

Talk with your Silpada Representative for more creative ideas about where to host an effortless Silpada party. Throwing your first Silpada party? Check out our 5 Easy Tips for Throwing a Silpada Party.


Tell us in the comments below: Which of these new party places are you going to try out next?


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  1. 1

    GLORIA says

    it just happens I’m having a party at Joe’s Pizza at the end of this month! BYOB simple and fun :)

  2. 4

    Aimee Crist, Silpada Director says

    Having so much fun partying all over the country with so many wonderful Silpada customers!!! Great article!

  3. 5

    Carmen Potter says

    I set up a table at a Spring Barrel Wine tasting at a local winery and did $1500.00 in one day! CHA CHING!

  4. 6

    Wendy Cuomo says

    I am new at this but I booked a party at my Interior Designers store! Where can I order the Silpada jewelry displays?

    • 7

      Silpada Designs says

      Hi Wendy! If you’re a Silpada Rep, you can order jewelry displays by logging into SDR Resources and clicking on “Silverwear and Supplis” in the left column.

  5. 8

    Katherine Pauly says

    I encourage my hostesses to host their parties at a wine bar in town. They have a room set aside just for us and the hostesses love the “walk up” crowd that always wanders in which means more free jewelry for them!

  6. 9

    Rachel says

    Fun way to spend an afternoon or happy hour..rooftop patio, girlfriends and Silpada bling!!

  7. 10

    Alison Nolan says

    A Park!!! What a great idea – I never even thought of that. Thanks Silpada for always giving us the best ideas!

  8. 11

    Kim Smith says

    My next party will be outside on my patio on a warm sunny say soon to be here, I hope !!!!! Hot tub with some of the guests afterwards…….

  9. 12

    Deborah herpel says

    I’m hosting a Trunk Show at Mimi’s Cafe in Burlington. NC, it’s a cute Parisian deco restaurant, and the waitresses all love Silpada Jewelry and there’s a possible recruit there.
    I’m also holding a Trunk Show at my Nail Spa

    • 13

      tracy snyder says

      how does your trunk show work? like how do you display the jewelry that way?

      • 14

        Silpada Designs says

        Hi Tracy! Thanks for your question. Please give us a call at 1-888-SILPADA and someone from our team will be happy to describe how a Silpada Party works!

  10. 15

    Maria Cotton says

    just booked a party at an art gallery. Their manager is the hostess,, so I didn’t have to pay a vendor fee :-)

  11. 16

    Lynda La rose says

    I’m a rep and help a party at a restaurant last year–had lots of fun–two ladies who happened to be at the restaurant bought some rings! You never know what could happen!

  12. 17

    Diane marra says

    I’m hosting my first show at Belleria’s Pizza. Nice banquet room, with good food and drinks!

  13. 18

    Michelle Haider says

    Had a great party last week set up during a Botox Event at a Plastic Surgeon’s office!

  14. 19

    Paula Thomas says

    Once a month I host a party in a local bar and grill…they let us have the entire upstairs!! It’s so much fun and the whole month I let people know I will be there. I printed a card with the upcoming dates (3 months preset) that way I can hand them out to anyone I meet so they can choose the best month to come. Lots of local restaurants will do this, just ask! It’s fun!