Here by Design: Gals Who Give Back

For Independent Silpada Designs Representatives Elizabeth (pictured left) and Lorie (pictured right), Silpada gave them the confidence and financial freedom to turn their dreams into a reality. Both share a passion for empowering other women, and both have plans to give back.

Here by Design

Elizabeth, Star Leader from Texas

It was the jewelry that first drew Elizabeth to Silpada. She attended several Parties, but was hesitant to become a Rep. “I finally said yes in 2011, after the eighth time someone asked me to join,” she said. “Now, I realize I didn’t know what I was missing!”

Elizabeth quickly discovered that her love for jewelry and the support from her Silpada Sisters was all she needed to succeed in this business. “I consider myself a shy person,” she said. “But Silpada helped me grow. I became better at approaching people and speaking in public. I became more confident.”

Today, she helps others realize their potential by sharing the Silpada Business Opportunity. “For me, Silpada is about getting to know people and making them feel good about themselves. I feel great when I can share the business opportunity with those who need a sense of belonging. When I started, it was the jewelry that I loved. Now, I love being able to watch women blossom when they join my Team.”

Elizabeth also devotes much of her time to nonprofit organizations, holding Silpada fundraisers to benefit local causes. Particularly, she supports the South Texas Empowerment of Women Center (STEWC) in its efforts to build a battered women’s shelter in her community. Elizabeth holds Silpada Parties in STEWC’s honor, and donates her 30 percent commission to the cause. “If we’re in a position to help other people, why not do so?”

Lorie, Silver Director from Ontario

“I am a ‘possibilitarian,’”said Lorie. “And I believe that Silpada is a vehicle to make possibilities come alive.”

Lorie knows first-hand how the power of positive thinking can change a person’s reality. She battled cancer three times in the past 16 years, and says her determination, the support of her family, and her commitment to Silpada helped get her through it all. “I take nothing for granted,” said Lorie.

Before joining Silpada, Lorie was a registered nurse who worked 11-hour shifts, leaving little time to spend with her two sons. She began searching for an opportunity that would allow her to earn money for their college education and spend more time at home. “Silpada was the only company that had everything on my checklist: financial freedom, a Canadian office, free returns, direct delivery and 30 percent commission. It was an opportunity to grow and prosper.”

Lorie took the opportunity and ran with it, finding enormous success along the way. She earned enough to pay for her sons’ education after just two years with Silpada. “I have achieved all my financial goals and traveled the world because of this business,” she said. “Now, it’s a way to change people’s lives. I see my Team growing and achieving their dreams, and it makes me feel like I’m here to facilitate that.”

Lorie now has a new, even bigger goal: Use her Silpada earnings to open a lavender farm where she can develop a yoga and meditation area for women. “I recently purchased the land I grew up on,” she said. “It’s 20 acres of forest, wetlands, gardens and an orchard. It’s going to become the house that Silpada built.”

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