Style: Break all the Rules!

Once upon a time, fashion had a lot of rules…like, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day,” for instance. But now (thankfully), almost anything goes! 


We believe style is an expression of your personality and individuality, rather than a set of rules that must be followed. Plus, it’s just not Silpada-ish to be confined to a “style box”! Here are three fab fashion creations to help you break all the style rules.

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1. Fashion Myth: Colors and stones should look alike.
Silpada Truth: Get adventurous with your jewels!

One of the most fabulous fashion trends in jewelry is to embrace color with open arms. Whether you’re using a beautiful stone as your accent color or using big, bold statement pieces, a little (or a lot) of color really makes an outfit pop. And let’s be honest, you deserve some fashion-forward attention!

Pair colorful statement pieces like the Drops of the Ocean Necklace with vibrant accessories like the Best Trend Bracelet or All Wrapped Up Bracelet. Balance out your look by adding a little Silpada silver with pieces like the Back to Basics Bangle or Ribbon Bangle. When it comes to color, there are endless possibilities to add a fun, fresh touch to your look.

break the style rules, Silpada mixed metals, Silpada Style

2. Fashion Myth: Wear silver with silver only.
Silpada Truth: Mix and match metals!

In the past, mixing jewelry styles (like pearls and silver or silver and bronze) was seen as a fashion “don’t.” But why stick to one style when there’s so much fun jewelry at our fingertips? Silver, bronze, stones and anything in between can work together to create a beautiful look that’s totally YOU!

Some of our favorite Silpada pieces that mix it up with metals are the Pedal to the Metal Necklace and the Let’s Hang Out Necklace. Add a little Silpada shine and color with the Belle Stretch Bangle, the Spin Me ’Round Bangle and the Mint to Be Ring.

break the style rules, Silpada Style

3. Fashion Myth: One statement piece is enough.
Silpada Truth: Go ahead, pair statement pieces with dainty dazzlers!

It’s your style—what makes you feel your best? Pair those delicate chains with a statement piece and layer those long, bold necklaces with a small charm. Anything goes when it comes to creating your own personal style. If you love it, wear it!

Our favorites to pair? The Patina Shield Necklace with the Fearless Charm Necklace and In the Loop Necklace. Add a little extra flair with the Flat Out Ring and In Vogue Ring.

It’s time to throw the style rules out the window, fashionistas! After all, #SilpadaStyle means looking and feeling your best…in your own way!

Sparkles_resizedWe’d love to know: What’s your favorite style rule to break? Tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. 1

    Tracy sullivan says

    Fashion myth…no white until after Memorial Day! Tracy truth…white is acceptable year round! I love a white blazer to pull an outfit together and brighten it up…a year round closet staple that you can use to dress up or dress down…plus, looks FAB with my Silpada!

  2. 2

    Patricia Horgan says

    Draw attention to your favorite features! Chokers attract attention to your neck, longer necklaces to the bust; sparkling or dangling earrings to you face; and bracelets and rings to the arms and hands. Find colors that blend harmoniously with your clothes; black and white clothes go well with brighter or bigger jewelry. And, wear shorter jackets over long tees or tops to look slimmer and show off your Silpada jewels!!