Successful Silpada Women: Their Top Tips for Success

What does it take to be a successful working woman? Some of our business-minded Silpada women dish out their top tips for success. Take a look at the inspiration they have to offer:

Ryane_Delka_Kelsey_Perry Kelsey Perry and Ryane Delka, Silpada Designs Co-Presidents
Surround yourself with positive influences.

We truly believe that success takes passion, perseverance, dedication and a fundamental love for what you do. Work as if you are already in the position you dream of and simplify as much as possible. Be settled with the fact that you don’t know it all. We aren’t supposed to know it all. Learning is one of the greatest parts of the journey. And don’t forget to laugh! Laughing makes your journey much more fun!
SuzyMarriott Suzy Marriott
Success requires a strong focus, desire and passion for accomplishment.

Success isn’t determined by money, recognition, or the things that might first come to your mind. Everyone is always telling me how successful I am but the truth is, they are actually comparing me to their idea of success. To me, success is determined by the obstacles I have overcome in my business and my life, and how I have grown as a person because of them.
 SharonPocklington Sharon Pocklington
Keep your blinders on and live above the noise!

I learned that one from Miss Teresa Walsh herself! We ALL have the ability to do great things. Accept that you are worthy of it. The visions of your success would never have entered your mind if you didn’t think you were capable.
 AngieSly Angie Sly
Begin with the END in mind.

“What is the worst that can happen?” That’s what my grandmother Ida always said. With that, I begin with the END in mind. It isn’t all bad when you take a risk and invest a little.My grandmother’s words are with me often. When I break it down to the “worst,” the worst isn’t so bad and reveals the blessings along the way… in business, in personal life and with family. I like that!
 Lorie Headshot Sept 13 Lorie Tokola
Invest in yourself! YOU are worth it!

And don’t forget to have FUN along the way!I schedule EVERYTHING into my calendar – all facets of my business and I block off personal time, too. The more structured my calendar, the more productive my day!
Ginny2 Ginny Fiscella
The key to a successful business is a follow-up!

Don’t take “no” personally! Women are emotional. They tend to blame themselves and question what they are doing wrong if someone tells them “no.” Once we learn that “no” usually has nothing to do with us personally, and timing is everything in one’s life, then I believe it helps emotionally. Also, the key to a successful business is following up!  If you follow-up (which I call “go fishing”), one day you will catch the fish.

Sparkles_resizedNow it’s your turn! What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments section below!

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    Carol Hatfield says

    Belive in yourself! Your business is what you make it, if you “truly” treat your Silpada business as a J O B and you are the CO then you WILL go far. If you treat it as a hobby that’s what it will be. Your “open” sing for your business is only open when you are. Would I shop at my store?

  2. 2

    Kelly Barr says

    I am new to Silpada and have had some great coaching. I have learded to be positive and believe I am planting seeds to grow my business!