Living Every Moment to its Fullest with Silpada: How Amy Got “Back On Her Feet”

We all have something we cherish that seems to make our lives complete (and we’re not talking about Silpada jewels!). For Amy, Silpada Star Leader from Ontario, CA, that something was running. 

Silpada Representative, inspirational storyIn 2012 Amy was training every day in preparation for her first half-marathon. Shortly after starting her training sessions, she suddenly became weak and could not put on her running shoes—she was soon diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. “My passion for running was totally stripped from me,” Amy said, “and I could barely even function as a mother.”

What was taken from Amy’s life was soon filled with socializing, sisterhood and all things sparkly: Silpada! Eight months later, and after throwing two Silpada Parties, Amy decided to get back on her feet and become a Silpada Representative.

Amy took her life experience and turned it into her Silpada business mantra: Live every day—every moment—to its fullest.

Silpada Designs: Tell us more about living every moment to its fullest. Why do you choose to work your business this way?

Amy: I do everything I possibly can in a given day to boost my business, because youSilpada Representative, inspirational story simply don’t know what tomorrow will bring. If I see a woman while I’m out-and-about who might be interested in Silpada, at the very least I tell her “hello,” or give her a compliment. I choose to seize every opportunity because you never know who could be the next Representative on your team!

SD: How do you motivate yourself to continue to live by this mantra?

A: I’m my number one cheerleader—you really have to make a commitment to be your own personal motivator. I try to envision every opportunity as ending in success. Before I make a call or approach someone, I take time to really pump myself up! No matter what happens, I remember that there’s always something to be positive about.

SD: How has Silpada impacted your life?

A: It has truly awakened a “business lioness” within me! Silpada isn’t just about selling jewelry—it’s a business investment. Silpada provides me with all of the tools I need to make money, and it’s my job to know how to “work a room” and greet people.

Silpada also drives my passion for fundraising. It’s my business, so if I choose to donate a given amount of money I’ve made to a charity, I can do just that! I’ve raised money for brain tumor research, Ronald McDonald House and Bust a Move (a local charity that supports breast cancer awareness). Silpada is also my “way in” to corporate fundraisers.

SD: Any last comments for our readers, Amy?

A: My life with Silpada is just too good to be true! I’m able to inspire the other ladies on my team (and often get inspired by the “seasoned” Silpada gals I stay in touch with), raise money for wonderful causes and travel to fun places (like Atlanta for Leadership Conference and our upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic!).

Amy recently hit her one-year anniversary as a Silpada Representative on March 20! Best of luck, Amy. We’re cheering you on!

Sparkles_resizedWant to learn more about becoming a Silpada Representative? Click here or join us for a Discover Silpada Call: 7:30-8 p.m. CT the first Monday of every month.

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