Here by Design: Nurse Turned Silpada Star

Independent Silpada Designs Representative Jill, a former full-time nurse, joined Silpada in hopes of earning a little extra “fun money.” Ten years later, Silpada is a full-time business that supports her beautiful family of six.

Silpada, Here by Design

Jill, Star Director from Montana

“When I was working as a nurse, someone left a Silpada Catalog on my desk,” said Jill. “I’ve always been a jewelry junkie, and I immediately fell in love with something on every page. I decided to become a part-time Rep, even though I had no knowledge of the direct selling industry.”

Two years after joining Silpada, she left her nursing job so she could devote her time to Silpada and her growing family. Over the next eight years, she welcomed four children with her husband, Neal, relocated to two different cities, and has proven to be a successful leader with an ever-growing Silpada Team.

“Silpada has allowed me to choose when I work, when I vacation, when I stay home with the kids, and when I go out and party,” said Jill. “I have more choices than before, more opportunities for my children, and a brighter outlook on everything. Having complete control of my time has been life-changing.”

Today, Jill works her business 30 to 35 hours per week, inspiring her Team and showing her children the importance of having a strong work ethic and doing what you love. “Silpada started out as my “fun money,” but at certain times, through different life challenges, it has been our family’s only source of income. It has paid for our fun, our mortgage, our life and our future!”

Learn about our Here by Design philosophy, and stay tuned for more Here by Design stories featuring Silpada’s inspiring Reps.

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