Here by Design: Corporate Culture to Silpada Sisterhood

Beyond the jewelry, the Parties or the business opportunity, there’s a magical side to Silpada that’s difficult to put into words. We call it the Silpada Sisterhood. 

Silpada Here By Design

Our founders have often said that women join Silpada for the jewelry but stay for the friendships, and for independent Silpada Designs Representative Kendra, the sisterhood is one of the things she loves most. “We are a culture of women supporting each other, whether it’s someone going through a bad time or someone experiencing success,” she said. “It’s never ‘what’s in it for me’ but rather ‘how can I help you?’ When you see your Silpada Sisters, you realize this is the best job ever!”

A mother of four, Kendra joined Silpada in 2007 when her youngest (twin girls!) were just one year old. She was working full time for a large corporation in Minneapolis. “I originally joined Silpada to support my habit of buying the jewelry,” said Kendra. “But after a few years, I quit my corporate job and started devoting twenty to twenty-five hours a week to the business. It was a leap of faith but I went for it, and I soon discovered that I could bring in income and be home for my kids.”

The success and flexibility Kendra found with her new lifestyle helped motivate her to grow her Silpada Team. “The best thing is watching women become empowered, whether it’s financially, spiritually or emotionally,” she said. “I love introducing my girls to the gift of Silpada and watching them blossom. They are empowered by the power of Silpada and the sisterhood. It’s a culture you have to experience for yourself—you can’t really capture the beauty until you live it.”

Learn about our Here by Design philosophy and stay tuned for more Here by Design stories featuring Silpada’s inspiring Reps.

Want to learn more about becoming a Silpada Representative? Click here or join us for a Discover Silpada Call: 7:30-8 p.m. CST the first Monday of every month.

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