K & R Video Diaries: Taking you Behind the Scenes

A big, Silpada-ish “hello” to all of our fab readers! We have some exciting news to share with you today. 



Kelsey and Ryane (we refer to them as “K & R” around here) are launching a series of video diaries! They’ll take you behind the scenes as everyone at Silpada HQ prepares for the biggest jewelry party and girlfriend weekend of the year: Silpada’s National Conference!

K&R Facebook

Be sure to “like” Kelsey and Ryane’s Facebook page and subscribe to the Silpada Blog so you don’t miss out on any exciting announcements! Did we mention we’ll “sneak peek” a few of our NEW pieces from the Fall/Winter line?

But wait… who are K & R? And you probably want to know more about the NEW K & R Collection that will make its debut at National Conference! (Psst: If you haven’t registered for NC yet, you can do that now!)

Who Are K & R?

Kelsey Perry and Ryane Delka are Silpada’s Commanders-in-Chic! Okay, okay—they’re really Silpada’s Co-Presidents—but these stylish ladies are so much more than that! They grew up living and loving Silpada as they watched their moms, Teresa Walsh and Bonnie Kelly, turn their passion for jewelry into a business in 1997 and grow it into the Silpada Designs you know today.

What is the K & R Collection?

The K & R Collection is a new fashion jewelry line for women who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and take risks. Designed to blend beautifully with Silpada’s Sterling Silver Collection, the K & R Collection offers versatility for the modern woman. More coming soon!

What is Silpada’s National Conference?

National Conference (NC) isn’t only the biggest jewelry party of the year—it’s the best investment a Silpada Representative can make in herself and her business. Three days of sisterhood, workshops and inspiration truly sets a Silpada woman up for success! Learn more about NC here.

Get Social with Us!

Don’t forget to “like” Kelsey and Ryane’s Facebook page, as they’ll be up close and personal to bring you up to date on the latest happenings here at Silpada! And while you’re at it, check out Silpada corporate on Facebook and Instagram, too!

But don’t just take our word for it—hear all about the upcoming K & R Video Diaries series from Kelsey and Ryane!

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  1. 1

    Heather Melvin says

    Love you ladies! So excited to see the beautiful new creations that are coming in August!
    Kingston, Ontario

  2. 6

    Eddy says

    So excited to be a brand new Silpada rep, and looking forward to meeting a ton of fabulous ladies!

  3. 9

    Nancy says

    You gals are the greatest & I’m looking so forward to that very special party at National Conference where we see all the new jewels!!

  4. 12

    Kathy Sheppard says

    You two are just so cute….love that you are aboard along with B & T….

  5. 15

    Betty Crowley says

    K & R you both rock!!! Love the video! Love being a Silpada Rep. here in sunny south Florida….my friends and family think the jewelry is simply beautiful. Keep up the good work!!

  6. 18

    Jan ezell says

    This will be my 2nd conference. Looking so forward to being a part of the excitement. Enjoy all the work shops. Hope to have my name drawn this year for some of that free jewelry.

  7. 21

    Amy Langhorn says

    I can’t believe that saying yes to becoming a Silpada Designs rep has led me on this incredible journey! It really is a dream come true! I can’t wait to see this new K&R line!!!

  8. 22

    Carol Parker Walsh says

    Incredible women, incredible jewelry, incredible NEW COLLECTION, incredible business, incredible company!! Love it!

  9. 23

    Lin putnam says

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Just confirmed with corporate that the K & R Line is completely Nickel-FREE and Lead Safe!

    I am so stinkin’ excited!!!!!! Can’t wait to see it all at conference!

  10. 24

    Tracy Crandall says

    Loveeeeeeeee you girls…..your style sense…..and your gorgeous and ohhhhh-so-silpada-ish K&R collection <3. Cannot wait to see you (and your moms) at Conference in Niagara!

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