Here By Design: Unexpected Journeys

Independent Silpada Design Representatives Allison and Lisa balance Silpada businesses with full-time careers in education, yet each has a unique story of how Silpada transformed her life.

Silpada Here by Design

Allison, Sterling Manager from New York

Allison joined Silpada in the midst of a difficult time. She was working a full-time job at the New York State Education Department, parenting six children, and struggling to pay her family’s expenses—all while going through a divorce. “I needed some immediate financial relief and I thought Silpada could offer that to me,” she said. “I planned on having a couple Parties, making a few bucks, and getting back on my feet. I never thought it would lead me to where I am now.”

Today, 10 years after joining, Allison works her business 20 to 25 hours a week while maintaining her position at the state education department. “My journey has been amazing,” she said. “Silpada was nothing I was actually looking for, but it was everything I needed. I fell in love with the style and the jewelry, and I loved how it made me feel. It gave me more confidence, made me feel beautiful. I needed that.”

Allison found the financial freedom she had been searching for (she no longer lives paycheck to paycheck and is now saving for her daughter’s college tuition). Yet, she says it is the friendships she’s gained, along with the opportunities to change other women’s lives, that have given her a renewed outlook on life.

“Being a Silpada Rep is quite simple,” said Allison. “It doesn’t require special training or an advanced degree. There is nothing exceptionally challenging. If you want to go out, have a few Parties, and make a little money, you can do that…and that’s great! But if you want more—if you want to watch your entire life evolve into something unexpected—then you can choose to open yourself up to learning, growing, making friendships and experiencing the amazing wealth of awesomeness that the Silpada culture can bring.”

Lisa, Star Leader from Nova Scotia

“I had no idea where I was going to go with Silpada,” said Lisa, who joined in early 2013. “It was going to be some fun, some extra padding for my jewelry box. I couldn’t have imagined where I’d be.”

Lisa was first introduced to Silpada at a neighborhood get-together with her girlfriends. She became a Customer, then a Hostess, and eventually signed up to become a Rep. “I joke that I joined to feed my habit,” said Lisa. “I wanted more jewelry than I could afford! But Silpada has become so much more than a little extra jewelry. The culture, the sisterhood and the sense of community are unbelievable. I can’t say enough about what I’ve gained personally and professionally from this. I am a teacher, and I love my job, but I’ve never been made to feel as important and as valuable as I have with Silpada.”

As a full-time educator and busy mother, Lisa was initially concerned about balancing Silpada with an already-full lifestyle. “I’ve been able to fit it in seamlessly,” she said. “In fact, it kind of forces me to take a little time for myself in the evenings. I can sit down, get out my laptop, and patter away with my Silpada business. I also have built-in times when I can get together with the girls, have a glass of wine, play dress up, and have some fun. And when I’m really busy with work, such as report card season, I know I can scale down what I’m doing with Silpada.”

In addition to the flexibility and fun she found, Lisa says her confidence also felt a boost. “I’ve always been self-conscious, even though people didn’t see that in me,” she said. “With Silpada, I feel much more confident walking into any situation, and I think it’s because I’m putting myself out there on a personal level.”

Lisa says she thoroughly enjoys sharing the Silpada Business Opportunity with other women in her life, including her fellow teachers. She’s been told her eyes “light up” when she talks about Silpada. “I feel like I’ve been given such a great gift, and this is my opportunity to pay it forward to someone else. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Learn about our Here by Design philosophy and stay tuned for more Here by Design stories featuring Silpada’s inspiring Reps.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    I love my salpada Jewlrty. When ever I wear it out I am stopped and ladies will compliment me on my neckllaces or earrings, etc.

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    Beth briddle says

    Congrats, ladies!!! Both your stories are inspiring and encouraging!!