Behind the Design: Patina

As you heard from our fab VP of Product Development and Design, Doreen McFadden, Tropical Seas is a hot trend this summer. Our favorite way to rock this trend is with our new patina jewels. And because Silpada is one of just a few companies to exclusively offer Patina jewelry, you can proudly wear these jewels and know that you’re donning a style that’s truly unique!

Some of our new jewels, including our Cayman Earrings, Encore Bracelet and Patina Shield Necklace, were designed using Patina.

Silpada Patina

What is Patina?

The “patina process” occurs when a coating of various compounds on the surface of brass and other metals is exposed to atmospheric elements, including oxygen and rain. Over time, this process can give an aged, antique or vintage feel and varies from blues to greens. This process can take as little as a few hours or up to a few days. Our Silpada jewels featuring Patina take approximately 30 days to cure!

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

The most famous example of Patina is the Statue of Liberty. Notice the resemblance of the coloring in our patina jewels and the Statue of Liberty?

Behind the Design

Experience more of Silpada’s Behind the Design features in the video below!

Next time you wear Patina Silpada jewels, you’ll be able to tell your friends all about the beauty behind the design!

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