Glisten Up: The Day-to-Night Drama of Druzy

Discover the possibilities of druzy, an organically glam gem that adds day-to-night dazzle to any look. Read on to learn more about this sparkling stone and how to wear it this fall!

Silpada DruzyShop it: Crystal Cave Cuff, $249; Crystal Cave Earrings, $44; Crystal Cave Ring, $79 

Druzy describes the glistening effect of fine crystals that form a coating on the hollow interior of a natural stone, most often quartz.  Think of it as “nature’s glitter”

For Day

Silpada Druzy

Shop it: Ode to Geode Necklace, $139; Glisten Up Necklace, $89; Ode to Geode Stretch Bracelet, $89; Ribbon Bangle, $139; Black on Black Watch, $279; Safari Stretch Bracelet, $46; All in the Wrist Cuff, $179

The raw texture of druzy adds a cool, bohemian vibe. Cozy knits of all kinds are a key trend for fall, and druzy’s neutral, earthy look provides the perfect complement!

For Night

Silpada Druzy

Shop it: Glisten Up Necklace, $89; Crystal Cave Earrings, $44; Crystal Cave Ring, $79; Crystal Cave Cuff, $249

Druzy’s light-catching sparkle lends evening-worthy elegance. Don these dazzlers with a chic, black cocktail dress and more metallic accessories for high-impact shine.

These edgy yet elegant sparklers are the answer to your everyday style needs. How will you incorporate druzy into your daily style? Tell us by commenting below!

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