We love hearing from our fans! Before you post a comment on our blog, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. You won’t find the word “Silpada®” or “Silpada-ish®” in the dictionary. It’s a word that was made up by Silpada’s Co-founders that has come to mean “the best in the life for women.” It defines Silpada’s culture: from the way we design our jewelry to the way our staff and Representatives treat each other.

2. Our blog is a place for you to share your love for all things Silpada, yet we kindly ask that you to please exhibit “Silpada-ish®” behavior when commenting. Be kind. Be respectful. Be smart. Be Silpada-ish. Here at the Corporate Office, we take great pride in protecting the integrity of the Silpada sisterhood, so we will freely delete comments or block users if we deem their behavior to be inappropriate or disruptive.

3. Play fair! Silpada Representatives may not solicit sales or post personal contact information on this blog. Silpada Representatives must also abide by Silpada’s Internet policies, which can be found on the private Representative website, SDR Resources.

So, stylish reader, have fun checking out our blog and remember, be Silpada-ish®!